Are you redecorating an old home? Are you furnishing a new one? Now is the perfect time to install an attractive and beautiful chandelier in your home. If you are renovating your home or furnishing a new one, you have alighted at just the right place. Everyone wants a vivid, fancy place and just the type that makes you comfortable at the same time.
When it comes to glamour and exuberance, nothing creates or transforms a space like a chandelier. And, the best part is, it does so without damaging your walls. It looks beautiful and takes up practically no space (as it’s in the air mostly).
A chandelier for the living room has been in practice for quite a long time now. But why save all the fun for the living room only?
Does it ring a bell?
Well, chandeliers are an important aspect of an aesthetic home decoration idea! They are all the glitters and mood lifters of your room. So, the idea is to put them everywhere - from every room to the kitchen, and even to the bath! They are something at your home that will give your guests a topic to talk about, so why not give them a good reason to?
First, it is important that you learn the different types and styles of chandeliers you can choose. There are quite a lot of designs, and many chandelier companies are dealing in them. Yiosi Lamps is a very renowned chandelier company that makes exceptionally unique and modern chandeliers. If you want something different - such as decoration lighting, chandeliers, lamps, or anything else, you must consider Yiosi Lamps.
You might come across different types of chandeliers. It depends on the location and ambiance of your home. Some people want really bright and shimmery chandeliers, while some want really minimal and aesthetic ones.


Chandelier For Bedroom, Living Room and Kitchen

If you are looking for a chandelier for your dining room, bedroom, or kitchen, you must go for one that complements the theme and color scheme. The chandelier for the dining room can be a bit more ornamental than the others. This is because the dining room usually has a vast area, and this is where you will invite your guests.
However, a chandelier for a bedroom can be minimally aesthetic. You can choose one that does not lit up the room too brightly. Definitely, nobody wants to have powerful lights in the bedroom. Hence, you have the option to for a more subtle and radiant one.
Your kitchen can be another really unexpected place where people would be expecting a chandelier. But with the sublime and subtle designs, one cannot possibly let go of the idea. If you simply search for a chandelier kitchen island on the internet, you will come across a lot of different and appealing ways in which you can organize it.
Let’s look into an item that will not only attract you but will equally be suitable for your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Yiosi Lamps offers chandelier modern, radiant, and aesthetic - not only in looks but in feels as well.


Raindrop Linear Chandelier

The Raindrop Linear Chandelier is a type of downlight fluorescent chandelier. Analogous to the traditional style chandeliers, it provides downward light beams. It can illuminate your kitchen island, dining table, or bedroom with a warmly welcoming glow! Hence, this is what you choose when you need a lot of direct, focused but ambient, and aesthetic light.
If you have a decent home design and do not really want a very decorative chandelier with lots of crystals on it, a raindrop chandelier is best for you!


The chandelier consists of 13 to 21 light bulbs in the shape of a raindrop. Professional artisans individually handcraft them. You can clearly recognize a handblown work by its finishing and form. The canopy and fittings are made of solid brass that is not prone to damage by environmental conditions. Moreover, brass is the best material for your kitchen or living room lamps as it does not rust.

Dimensions and Specifications

The raindrop linear or round chandelier that Yiosi Lamps offer comes in two size variants. You can choose as per your desire - and the space in your room. Each glass raindrop is 5 inches in diameters and 11 inches in height. However, the overall height goes as long as 373 inches!
The chandelier containing 13 to 21 bulbs operates at a voltage range of 110 to 240V. It comes in a warm white (3000K) and daylight (4000 K) color temperature. Hence, it depends on your choice which one you want for your home.
What makes this chandelier modern and unique is its finishing that comes in three different variants. It includes a matte black finish, antique brass finish, and clear glass. Hence, the overall appeal and look of the chandelier are very aesthetic.

What Makes it Best for Any Room?

It’s rarely an occasion that something you choose looks equally good in all rooms of your house. But the linear raindrop chandelier has this quality, and that’s what makes it unique and different. Thanks to the Yiosi Lamps that give us the opportunity to decide the number of lights, their finish, the shape of the canopy, the height, etc, that we wish to have in our chandelier. Probably this customization is the reason why it looks equally good in whatever ambiance we put it in.

Hence, if you are going to buy it for a larger room, you can increase the number of lamps. However, if it is meant for a smaller room or kitchen, you might wish to go with fewer glass drops. Isn’t it just amazing?

The Final Take

It is definitely an excellent attempt by Yiosi Lamps to offer customized chandeliers. Not only do they give customers the liberty to choose designs, but they also offer them a fantastic experience. So, contact Yiosi Lamps if you want the linear raindrop chandelier or want some other contemporary or traditional designs!